About us

Our brand

It all started when a man dreamed of a son…

From Italian influences and never fitting well with the usual, he was looking for something different, unique, exclusive and that represented his ideas and his soul. The differentiation screamed for a change. I didn’t know where to start.

The desire to have a child has been maintained for a few decades and when no one was expecting Gustavo Lippi was born! It was born at dawn, with normal birth and with a wide smile on its face. That summer day Gustavo Lippi made himself known to the world as a brand.

Our values


The pursuit of perfection is based on our deeply rooted sensitivity to our Italian origins.


The deep respect for the materials and the sensations that transmit us to the touch and the look.


The inheritance of constant creativity present in the smallest details that reflect our unique character.


Strongly believe that small details can bring us unique experiences.


Proud to be able to choose.
Be free. To be unique.
Be different.

Be Gustavo Lippi.