Cookie Policy

This cookie policy section explains what cookies are and how we use them on Gustavo Lippi. You should read this policy to understand how cookies are used to save the information, for what purpose it is to use, and how to control cookie preferences.

You may at any time change or withdraw your consent from the cookie statement on our site. Learn more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data again in our Privacy policy.

In a simplified way, what are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store small information. Cookies are stored on your device when the site is uploaded to your browser. These cookies help us make the site work properly, make it safer, provide a better user experience, and understand how the site works and analyze what works and where it needs to be improved.

How do we use cookies?

Like most online services, our site uses third party and third party cookies for a variety of purposes. Primary cookies are primarily necessary for the site to function properly and do not keep any of your personally identifiable data. Third-party cookies used on our websites are primarily used to understand the performance of the site, as you interact with our site, maintain our secure services, provide relevant advertisements to you, and in general provide a better and improved User experience and help accelerate your future interactions with our site.

How do I revoke cookies?

If you decide to change your preferences later in the browsing session, click the “Revoke” button on the screen. This will display the consent notice again.