Size Guide

Gustavo Lippi creates unique bracelets with sturdy elastic that allow a proper fit to each person’s wrist. TAll our sizes refer to your pulse size as well asthe size of the stones, brakes, separators, etc. The ideal size is when we add 2 cm to your wrist.

We advise before placing an order to make a correct measurement of your pulse so that there is no margin of error. For example, if your wrist measures 16 cm, you should add 2 cm to the size of your bracelet and choose size 18 cm.

Measurement Suggestion

You can click on the following images and see a .pdf with a tape measure to print. With it you should wrap your wrist and find the size that best fits you. To the size of your wrist add 2 cm.

We reinforce the idea that these are only reference values ​​for wrist-adjusted bracelets and that everything will depend on their correct measurement. Gustavo Lippi is not responsible for any measurement performed incorrectly.